Large Accessible Home Renovation

This scheme represented a significant renovation and extension to an existing residential building in the `Heart` of Cardiff. The building's location was on the boundary of two well-established conservation areas and within walking distance of Cardiff’s Historical Llandaff Cathedral.

Adaptation of the Existing Building

DPS Architecture was commissioned by the Client to design and develop a scheme that adapted the existing building to the needs of the new disabled owner while maintaining the character of the existing building and preventing the renovations appearing clinical.


Due to the specialised needs of the client, the scheme included a full re-design of the existing internal spaces, ensuring that the new plan accommodated for the needs of the client and prevented any areas within the building preventing the client from accessing the spaces while using a wheelchair or walking with reduced mobility.

To create this ‘accessible design’, the new scheme included wider corridors, a reduced pitch staircase and the incorporation of a new mechanical lift, . Due to the age of the property, our practice further produced and developed the update of the electrical, lighting, insulation and heating design, to offer a ‘full’ renovation to the ageing systems within the building.


Further to the renovation of the building, several critical new-build extensions were completed. These specialised spaces focused on the needs of the client as part of their personalised physical rehabilitation programme. These bespoke spaces included a Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool area and Gym, both of which were seamlessly incorporated into the design by our practice and included ramps and changes of level to address an existing site slope/level difference.

Finally an attic conversion was undertaken to facilitate additional storage space for any required equipment and included a new staircase, insulation, structure and a full new roof design to the Property.

Construction Phases

The below images illustrate the developing external elevation

 P3-External Construction Stage 1Groundwork & Pool Dig

 P3-External Construction Stage 2Slab & Re-inforcement

 P3-External Construction Stage 3Internal Walls & Pool Base

 P3-External Construction Stage 4Awaiting Roofing

 P3-External Construction Stage 5Finishing Touches

Our Role

Due to the sensitivity and specialised nature of the scheme, our practice was commissioned to provide a full design service, including Contract Administration, Structural Engineering and Quantity Surveyor duties.

Our duties also extended to the creation of a feasibility study at the outset of the project, which critically assessed several potential buildings for their ability to be adapted to the needs of the client before committing to purchasing the property.

As a result of our involvement, the client received an ‘architecturally bespoke’ design solution that met their specific needs and resulted in the client being able to utilise their home to its fullest extent.

EARLY 2016 - 2018
Full Extention & Renovation
Large Executive Home
Large Renovation