Proffesional BIM & 3D Modelling Service

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We use cutting edge programs to generate your design in three dimensions, allowing you to visualise and better understand your project before it’s constructed.

We offer an extensive architect led design service that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We pride ourselves on providing personal and bespoke architectural designs for all industries and circumstances. We cover an extensive area that includes Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and Monmouth, although regularly undertake projects further afield including Bristol, Shropshire and Brecon.

It’s sometimes very difficult for many people to understand 2D technical drawings. To resolve this, DPS Architecture use advanced 3D generation software to produce your drawings. Not all our competitors or other Architects do this, although we find this allows for a better understanding of the spaces before their constructed, preventing any surprises or disappointments later in the project.

The series of image strips below demonstrate how the design is illustrated in three dimensions and included within the architects drawings. We have found this combination of two dimensional drawings combined with three dimensional drawings, aid in convincingly describing the proposals to authorities such as planners and building control officers. This additional detail may also assist in obtaining a successful application and reduce comments or requests for additional information at a later date.